IP Notices and Documentation

TitleDescriptionTypeLast updated on
IP eF-Filing User Registration Guide Guide on how to register for the electronic filing system (e - Filing)Documentation2018/03/13 00:00:00
CUBA Desktop Client User Guide Step by step guide for CUBA (CIPC Utility for Bulk Applications) usersDocumentation2018/03/13 00:00:00
CUBA IP e-Filing Terms and Conditions DocumentationDocumentation2018/03/13 00:00:00
Operational EFiling Notice Operational RequirementsNotice2018/03/13 00:00:00
Trade Mark Certificates Browser Settings Browser SettingsSettings2022/06/03 00:00:00
Patents Document Late Lodgement User Guide Step by step guide for P5 LodgementDocumentation2022/12/09 00:00:00
Patent Request for Expedite_User Guide Step by step guide for request to expedite to acceptanceDocumenntation2023/04/14 00:00:00
Trade Marks Certified Extract User Guide User guide for lodgement of Certified ExtractDocumentation2023/10/10 00:00:00
Patent P4 Request to Registrar Step by step guide for P4 requests to registrarDocumenntation2024/04/30 00:00:00